Paul W. Robinson – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Robinson founded ECRP and serves as its CEO.  He began his radio career in 1971, rising from on-air personality to Operations Manager, moving into sales in 1979, and eventually to station ownership and management.  In 1989, Mr. Robinson founded Broadcast Trustee Management, Inc. (“BTMI”), a firm that consulted senior communications lenders with financially impaired assets in their portfolios.  Through BTMI, he was responsible for supervising the management, operation and eventual sale of a group of under-performing radio properties that consisted of more than 18 stations in Arbitron-rated markets 20-150.  BTMI enjoyed an estimated average recovery rate of 85 cents on the dollar for clients on stations held in Receivership.  He founded ECRP in 1993, after PNC Bank, for which BTMI consulted, contributed a three-station cluster in Columbia, SC as equity.  ECRP bought and sold 14 radio stations in small to mid-sized markets from 1993 to 2001. 

Mr. Robinson has served on the Board of Directors and as a member of the Investment Committee of Broadcast Capital Inc., an SSBIC specializing in investments in radio and television operating companies.  His prior professional affiliations include positions at network owned and operated major market radio stations with ABC, CBS, NBC, SJR (now CBS), and Summit Communications.  He has been a featured speaker on issues related to sales, marketing, and management for various industry associations, such as the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB).  Mr. Robinson earned his B.A. degree in marketing upon graduating from the University of Miami.  [TOP]

Kent Burkhart - Senior Managing Partner

Mr. Burkhart serves as an investor/advisor and operations consultant to ECRP.  He was the senior partner and founder in 1972 of Burkhart-Abrahms-Douglas (“BAD”), arguably radio's largest and most successful  consulting firm ever. BAD provided programming, administration, marketing and sales services for virtually every large and small radio group/owner in the United States.  BAD consulted approximately 900 stations, with Mr. Burkhart personally consulting approximately 500 stations.  He frequently advised owners in top-20 Arbitron-rated markets in the United States, as well as clients in Australia, England, France, Canada and Mexico. 

Mr. Burkhart also helped create two networks and advised on the formation of several other broadcasting organizations.  He was one of four founders of Satellite Music Network (SMN), the first company to offer turn-key, 24-hour satellite programming to more than 1,000 radio stations.  SMN was sold to ABC and is now the ABC Radio Network.  He was the first broadcaster to perfect audio sports long form programming on the Internet and convert it to programs for terrestrial radio stations through (now  His company also developed a new network for NBC called “the Source.”  Additionally, BAD served as a start-up consultant to MTV and to Digital Music Express, a NASDAQ-traded firm that programmed digital music to cable systems in homes and offices.  Digital Music Express was eventually sold to TCI, an original investor.

Prior to forming BAD, Mr. Burkhart gained experience in the radio broadcast industry as an owner, general manager of a major market, and president of a radio group.  He served as Radio Division President for Pacific and Southern Broadcasting, where he was responsible for overseeing the management of stations in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland and in the New York City Metro.  His ownership experience extends to stations in Austin, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Columbia, and Greenville. 

In 1996 Radio Ink magazine named Mr. Burkhart one of the “75 who made a difference in the first 75 years of the industry’s evolution.”  In 2004, he appeared on the radio industry “Legends” panel at the annual Fall National Association of Broadcasters convention.  He has held board seats on two NASDAQ companies and many private companies, as well.  He has authored countless articles on radio station management and programming for major trade publications such as Billboard, Radio Ink, Radio and Records, Radio Business Report and Talkers Magazine.  He has lectured radio classes or groups in colleges and universities including the University of Southern California (UCLA) in Los Angeles, and the University of Georgia. [TOP]

Robert E. Long, CFA - Chairman

Mr. Long has served as Chairman of ECRP since 1999, and continues to serve the Company as an investor and an advisor.  From 1995 to 1999, Mr. Long served as President and CEO of Business News Network, Inc., a network providing business news/talk and investment strategy programming to affiliated stations nationwide.  In 1985, he co-founded Southern Star Broadcasting, a publicly-traded (NASDAQ: SSBG) radio company that owned and operated multiple radio stations in five mid-sized markets.  Over the period of his ten years with Southern Starr, Mr. Long served as President and CEO and was responsible for devising the company’s financing plan, which included procurement of first-tier bank loans and private placement of stock with qualified investors.  While overseeing company operations, he also engaged in the process of reviewing and analyzing well over 100 potential acquisition targets.  During his tenure at Southern Starr, and upon sale of Southern Star to Multi-Market Radio in 1995, the company’s shareholders realized in excess of a 50% return on their investment.

Prior to beginning his career in radio broadcasting, Mr. Long advised numerous investors in radio and television companies on acquisitions all across the country.  He served as President of Potomac Asset Management Inc., a registered investment advisor, and is still a director of Allied Capital Corp., a Washington, D.C. firm that for many years has provided acquisition financing for numerous radio companies.  Allied Capital was an original investor in ECRP. [TOP]______________________________________________________________________________________

John P Morgan - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Morgan joins Emerald City Radio Partners as a senior financial executive with over 20 years of experience.  These include 12 years in private equity investment and 3 years of operating company management. Trained in accounting, Mr. Morgan’s early career was in banking.  Upon receiving his MBA in Finance and Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh in 1988, he began his Private Equity career at Westinghouse Credit Corporation (1988-1993).  There he managed a portfolio of $250 million of leveraged buyout investments, and realized over $40 million in capital gains. His more recent Private Equity experience has also been successful at First Commerce Capital Corporation in New Orleans (1997-1998), and Development Capital Ventures, Inc. in Alexandria, VA (1999-2004).  Prior to joining First Commerce Capital Mr. Morgan was Controller of ARL, Inc.(1995-1997), a $40 million revenue trucking company located near Pittsburgh.  While at Development Capital Ventures, Mr. Morgan served for 18 months as CEO of a $20 million revenue industrial distribution portfolio company in a very successful turnaround.  Mr. Morgan has served as observer, director and Chairman of numerous portfolio company Boards with revenue levels as high as $128 million.  Mr. Morgan brings financial reporting and corporate finance expertise to the team at Emerald City Radio Partners.  [TOP]