Ellyn A. Ambrose | Jeff Brock | Michael Corbett| Roger Wimmer

Ellyn A. Ambrose

Ms. Ambrose began her extremely successful radio career 25 years ago as an account executive for ABC Spot Sales.  By 1977 she had become one of the highest ranking female management executives when she was appointed Vice-President and General Manager for the Source, a Peabody and Armstrong award winning NBC radio network.  After six years with NBC, she accepted senior management positions in Affiliate Relations, Corporate Administration, and Sales and Marketing with Satellite Music Network (ABC), Westwood One (CBS), and Tribune Broadcasting.  She has contributed articles to Broadcasting Magazine, Radio Ink, and other industry publications, and has been a featured convention speaker for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), and American Women in Radio and Television (AWRT).  She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Manhattanville College and continues as a Literacy Tutor.

Most recently, as CEO of the Marketing Group, Ms. Ambrose has offered consulting services to, among others, American Radio Systems (ARS), Bonneville International, Coopers & Lybrand, Chase Manhattan, Cox Communications, the NAB, and Emerald City Radio Partners. [TOP]

Jeff Brock

Mr. Brock is co-founder (with Stu Graham) of Graham Brock, Inc., a nationally known broadcast technical services firm providing engineering services to the broadcast industry for nearly 10 years. Mr. Brock has been active in the broadcast engineering field since 1979.  After holding positions as Chief Engineer of various radio stations in South Carolina, Colorado, and Florida, Mr. Brock accepted a position as Director of Engineering for the Winfas Radio Group.   He served as General Manager and Consulting Engineer for Bromo Communications, Inc., leaving to form Graham-Brock in 1994.

Mr. Brock specializes in consulting work involving FM and TV stations which includes applications, allocations, multiple ownership studies and petitions for rule making. He provides engineering services for clients across the continental United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. As a highly respected member of the broadcast industry, Mr. Brock has served on panels for Radio Broadcasters conventions in Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and others. He is a member of the National Association of Broadcasters and the Georgia Association of Broadcasters and has served as a resource person for the GAB. He has also been an expert witness in broadcast engineering matters before civil courts.  He also has testified before local planning boards on tower site matters.  Mr. Brock attended the University of South Carolina. In addition, he holds a radio/telephone operators permit from the Federal Communications Commission.  [TOP]

Michael Corbett

Michael Corbett is widely considered one of America’s foremost authorities in the field of local advertising marketing.  Over the past 30 years, he has held ownership or executive positions in retail, in advertising media, and in the media.  Mr. Corbett’s background affords him the rare advantage of having participated in an observed local advertising and marketing from all perspectives.  His fact-based, no-nonsense, mathematically-grounded system of advertising has produced remarkable growth for countless local businesses, in any economy, no matter how formidable the competition.  Michael Corbett Consulting provides advisory services for all members of the media, for advertising agencies and for local businesses of all sizes and types.  Michael also has worked with most of the radio industry’s leading names including Cox, Clear Channel and Infinity.  The Fifth Edition of Corbett’s best selling book “The 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising” is now in its third printing. [TOP]

Roger Wimmer

Roger received his Ph.D. in mass media research from Bowling Green State University in Ohio in 1976, although he has been involved in mass media research since 1972.  Roger's background includes Sales rep at KLSS/KSMN, Mason City, Iowa, Instructor at the University of Wisconsin, Assistant Professor at the University of Mississippi, Associate Professor at the University of Georgia, and Manager of Research for Cox Broadcasting in Atlanta, GA.

Prior to founding Wimmer Research (www.rogerwimmer.com), Roger was co-founder of Wimmer-Hudson Research & Development, President/CEO/Co-founder of The Eagle Group, President/General Partner/Co-founder of Paragon Research, and President of Surrey Research.

In the radio industry, Roger has conducted virtually all types of research for radio stations in a variety of formats, including News/Talk, AC, Oldies, Classic Rock, Classic Hits, CHR, Country, Urban, Alternative, Religious, and Jazz.

Roger also has extensive experience in all areas of research for the TV and cable TV industries, including TV stations, networks, and programming production.  He has developed several research approaches to test local news content, on-air talent, and promotional activities.

In addition, Roger has several years of experience in non-media research, working with clients such as Coors, U.S. West, and Samsonite.

Roger is the senior author of Mass Media Research: An Introduction, 7th Edition (www.wimmerdominick.com), the leading college textbook in media research, with editions in Chinese, Spanish, Korean, and Bahasa Malaysian.[TOP]